Professional Backup Services

Protect critical data from risk of loss due to natural disaster, theft or data ransom attack. Data stored offsite allows your office to resume operations more quickly should disaster strike.

$57 – One time set up
$25/month for up to each 10GB

Contact Gavin Walker for more information at 417.882.0439 or by email.

  • Backups go through nightly during off hours.
  • Data is encrypted; unreadable to even CSS staff.
  • After the initial setup process is complete, only a small amount of staff involvement is required.
  • Backs up when the machine is simply turned on as opposed to having to log in.
  • AES-256 encryption (One of the most secure encryption algorithms available).
  • Backups run on a schedule that you set.
  • Automatically stores multiple versions of backup files with time stamps.
  • Backup of several folders or files at a time.
  • 60 days worth of available backups.