Server Hosting Service

Server Hosting (also known as Application Hosting) may be a good option for offices that have multiple staff that need to connect in remotely and work out of a centralized, live database. Let us handle the IT complexities for you. We have been hosting applications for our customers since 2005 and organizations across the nation rely on us to manage over 250 client data sets. Applications are hosted, supported and managed on a Windows database server. Access your application from any location where a suitable internet connection is available.

-Starting at $85/month for one user (Includes: Maintenance of your application, Professional Backup Service, Service Pack Updates, Virus Protection Updates.)
-Request a price quote from Gavin Walker at 417.882.0439 or by email.

Interested? Test your speed
You need minimum: 1Mbps Download and 1.25Mbps Upload


  • Access your application from anywhere you have access to a suitable internet connection
  • Backups performed nightly
  • Service Packs kept up to date
  • Virus Protection kept up-to-date
  • Security, 128 bit Encryption & Firewalls
  • We support any size organization
  • After business hours Emergency Support phone number to call

System Requirements

  • Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP1, or Windows 7 or higher and Internet Explorer *
  • Apple Mac OS X v10.7 or higher, Apple iPad iOS 6.x or higher *
  • Android v4.0.3 or higher *
  • Some form of broadband Internet connectivity is recommended in order to get optimum performance and value from your Network Desktops. This could be ISDN, DSL, ADSL, IDSL or cable. *

* The installation and cost for these services, and any equipment associated with them, are not included as part of the cost for Creative Software Solutions Server Hosting Service.

Click here for a live demonstration.
Note: Please contact Gavin Walker for a demo login and password.
This demo requires Internet Explorer.
417.882.0439 or by email.